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Burradon Helpers

Burradon Helpers - led by Fiona Graham - landells

email me at burradonhelpers@gmail.com or contact me via mobile on 07903843566 with any queries or suggestions on how you’d like to help.

Burradon Helpers (Parents and Teacher group)

Burradon Helpers (formally Friends of Burradon) was set up a few years ago to enable parents to be actively involved in the life of the School.  We meet at least termly to come up with ideas to raise money for the school.  We also help out at House Team Events, trips etc. 

Date of Next Meeting

Friday 5th October at 9:00 to discuss the Halloween disco

Dates of previous meetings

20th July Non Uniform Day and ice cream treat from Burradon Helpers

19th July Burradon’s Got Talent (in school activity for children)

Friday 20th April Burradon Helpers meeting at 9am

Friday 28th March Burradon Helpers Easter activities morning

Friday 2nd February - Easter activities

Friday 10th November - discuss with Christmas Fair

Friday 22nd September at 9:00 - all welcome

We discussed the Halloween disco, House Team Event and Christmas Fair. 


Tuesday 3rd October - House Team event(painting pebbles). All day.

Thursday 19th October - make up sweet bags for disco

Wed 1st November meet at 2:00 to set up for Halloween disco.

Wed 6th December Christmas Fair  meet at 1:00 to set up.


Burradon Has Talent


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Burradon Helpers

Burradon Helpers 1

Easter Fun!

Easter Fun! 1
Easter Fun! 2
Easter Fun! 3
Easter Fun! 4
Easter Fun! 5
Easter Fun! 6
Easter Fun! 7
Easter Fun! 8
Easter Fun! 9

9th June 2017 9:00

This meeting will discuss Burradon has Talent and and the priorities for the coming year.



Friday 31st March meeting 9:00

Thank you to everyone who came to this Meeting!  the Easter activity day on the 7th April is fully planned. We can't wait!


Friday 17th February meeting 9:00

Thank you to everyone who came to this meeting.  We have lots of ideas for our Easter Event!!
















January 2017

Donation to the library for new books!

Thank you to the Burradon Helpers who gave a donation of £150 for books. Thank you so much!

School Fair Wednesday 14th December 2:00

Burradon Helpers to meet at 1:00 please to set up. 


Money raised

We raised £248 at the school disco!  This will go towards activities for the children.  Burrado Helpers have donated £50 towards our new child we are sponsoring in Bethlehem.  We will carry out more fundraising in Spring Term to support her.