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At Burradon Community Primary School we believe it is very important to teach children how to stay safe online.In the Children's section their is information for children to help them to keep themselves safe online.

On this page please find a list of recommended sites with information to support parents in ensuring their child is safe online.


Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms


Esafety Presentation for parents on Tuesday 3rd February  2015 at 9.00am


This presentation will offer parents information and practical tips about supporting children as they use Internet devices. Children are now using Internet devices at an early age and education about being safe and responsible online is very important.

The topics covered at the presentation will include:


  • How to keep your child safe when online
  • The Internet, social networking and its uses
  • Useful sites to support any issues involving safety
  • Identifying trends in what children do online


The presentation will last about 30 minutes and will be delivered by Claire Graham who is the IT school advisor for North Tyneside. At the end of the presentation there will be an opportunity to ask any concerns or questions.


Please see letter below.

Letter for Esafety session for parents.

Useful Websites to support parents/guardians with Esafety