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Miss Farley will be leading the Eco Team this year.

We will be looking for a new team of children from across all ages to join our Eco Council to help make effective changes to our school and the environment.

Children will need to make a presentation to their class about why they want to be chosen and winners will be picked by a vote.  Look out for upcoming information once our new team has been chosen.



Miss Farley

Outdoor Learning Leader and Eco Team Leader

Eco Team 2016-17
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What a great start to the year, we have once again been received the Green Flag Award! The Eco Team worked exceptionally hard, with the help of the rest of the school to achieve the Green Flag Award. The school had to put together an action plan, covering nine different topics, including biodiversity, energy saving, keeping healthy and developing the school groups. They set targets for what we should achieve in each of these areas, then at the end of the year, carried out an environmental review to assess how we were doing. Throughout the year, children across the school learned about healthy living, the effects of our transport choices on the environment, effects humans have on wildlife and our environment and much more, while the Eco Team worked hard alongside staff and the Site Manager to grow and harvest vegetables, plant bulbs to add colour to our woodland area, kept a close check on our energy usage, created and painted new planters for the yard and came up with a new Eco Code, which is displayed across the school. Everyone should be very proud of what they have achieved with this!