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Our Vision and Values

Burradon Community Primary School

At the Heart of the Community

  1. We value and respect ourselves, each other, our school and our local community.
  2. We believe outstanding behaviour and attendance makes us safe and happy at school.
  3. We recognise and celebrate everyone’s achievement however small the step.
  4. We challenge and support all children to become lifelong learners and to achieve their full potential.
  5. We encourage children to learn through curiosity, questioning, critical thinking and investigation.
  6. We believe we are all different but all equally valued no matter what religion, race, culture or gender we are.
  7. We aspire to cultivate every child to become a well-balanced, happy and caring individual at home, in school and in the wider community.
  8. We celebrate and develop the children’s understanding of diversity and the world around them.


Learning together; growing together