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School Council

Meet our School Council for 2017 - 2018
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October 2017

Our wonderful School Council at the Local Democracy Event meeting lots of other School Council children.

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Next meeting:

Wednesday 27th May at 1:00 in ICT suite

Class Council Meeting

Final school council Meeting 2016 - 2017

We had our last School Council Meeting today.  Well done School Council.  Brilliant work this year!!

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Look at all the things we have achieved this year!

June 2017

Giving Our views about the lunches to Gemma Rutherford from catering services.

School lunches

School lunches 1
School lunches 2
School lunches 3

1st March 2017

We had a virtual school council meeting today where we answered a range of questions about our school and area.  The responses have been sent to the local council.  Every school in NT has been asked to do this.

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Remembrance Event 11.11.16

The School Council attended the Remembrance Event at the White Swan Centre.

The School Council had a fantastic morning at the Quadrant on Wednesday 11th October at the School Council Democracy Event.  They worked with other  School Council children from other schools on the subject of diversity and living in a multicultural world. 
Next Meeting: 7th June 2017 at 1:00 in ICT Suite

School Council Agenda

Class Council Meeting

School Council Suggestions

June 2016

Today we had our last School Council Meeting!  The children have all worked extremely hard and have been very dedicated.  They have achieved a lot this year in terms of acting on suggestions from their peers and hosting our very successful sharing assemblies which are very well attended by parents each half term.  


We now prepare for our new school Council.   Elections to take place during the week beginning the 11th July. 


What we have achieved this year

Meet our new School Council 2015 - 2016!

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Today the School Council looked at the Sex and Relationship Policy for their year group.  They were impressed by the activities and could talk about their importance.  We particularly focused on families, stereotypes and people we can trust. 



Read all about the great achievements of our School Council and find out about what other School Councils do. 

The School Council visited the Quadrant to meet other School Council children from different schools on the 14th October 2015.  They discussed British Values and bullying. 
Our School Council attended at the Borough of North Tyneside Act of Remembrance Service on Wednesday 11th November at the ‘Jigsaw’ memorial in Killingworth.  They represented Burradon and were an excellent role model for our school. 

Remembrance Day 2015

Remembrance Day 2015 1

School Council Suggestions

School Council Meeting Agendas

Date of Next Meeting:

29th June  2016

Junior Civic Award!

Do you want to be on the School Council in 2015- 2016?  Write a speech to persuade the rest of your class!

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Meet our School Council.  We have representatives from Year 2 to 6. They meet at least monthly and follow an agenda (see below).  Year 1 and Foundation Stage have regular visits by the School Council to keep them up to date and take ideas!


We are lucky to have one of our school Council members from Year 2 who is also part of the North Tyneside School Council.  Any child who is interested in becoming part of North Tyneside School Council, speak to Mrs Liddle or see the information below.

Our meetings
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Meeting 8 20th May.

Today we had a meeting Elaine Robson from the local authority as part of the Healthy School Check.  She spoke to us to find out about how our school stays healthy. 

Class Council Meetings


School Council Suggestions 

We have a suggestion box in school where children can write their suggestions for how to improve our school!

Langdale Event

We had fun at the Langdale Centre in Howdon.  We met lots of other children from other Schools and shared our ideas about what makes us happy!

22nd October 2014

Today the School Council took part in a Virtual School Council Meeting with other School Councils' in North Tyneside.  We discussed issues such as school, community, health and decision making.  These views will be given to North Tyneside Council.  It is fantastic that our children are having their say!!

Would you like to be part of North Tyneside Councils Children's Council?  If so see the details below or chat to Mrs Liddle!