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Strategic Leadership Team

Miss A.L. Hunter (Head Teacher)

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs E. Watson (Deputy Head Teacher)

  • Additional Designated Safeguarding Lead


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C. Liddle   (Key Stage 1 Manager)

  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Miss T. Round  (Early Years Foundation Stage Manager)


Miss H. Murdy (SENDCO)


Class Teachers

Miss T. Round  EYFS Class Teacher 

Miss L. Arkley EYFS Class Teacher 

Mrs A. Eeles Year 1 Class Teacher (job share) - currently on maternity leave

Mrs S. Baty Year 1 Class Teacher (job share)

Mrs S. Thomas Year 1 Class Teacher (job share) - maternity leave cover

Mrs C. Liddle  Year 2 Class Teacher (job share)

Miss K. Farley Year 2 Class Teacher (job share)

Miss H. Murdy Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs C. Smith Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs L. Barton Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs E. Watson   Year 6 Class Teacher



Teaching Assistants

Mrs H. Hopper Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Lead Teaching Assistant)

Mrs E. O'Sullivan Higher Level Teaching Assistant (EYFS) - currently on maternity leave

Mrs N. Coxon Teaching Assistant (EYFS) - currently on maternity leave

Miss J. Turner Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Crawford Teaching Assistant

Miss M. Charlton Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Laverick Teaching Assistant



Breakfast Club

Miss J. Turner (Coordinator)

Mrs J. Latimer


Office Staff

Mrs S. Read (School Administrator)

Mrs J. Latimer (School Clerk)


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L. Whitfield

Mrs R. Peet

Mrs V. Morrison

Mr S. Edwards

Mrs J. Latimer



Mr S. Edwards


Cleaning Staff

Mrs R. Peet

Mrs V. Morrison



School Governors

Mr J Cox Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Governor (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs M Younger Vice Chair (Parent Governor)

Miss A L Hunter (Headteacher Governor)

Mrs J Gibson (Co-opted Governor)

Mr S Gibson  (Local Authority Governor)

Mrs F Graham-Landells (Parent Governor)

Mrs A Riddell (Parent Governor)

Mrs E Watson (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs M Carter (Foundation Governor)

Mrs H Lynn (Co-opted Governor)

Mr S Edwards (Staff Governor)

Mr D Ramsay (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs N Simpson (Parent Governor)

Vacancy (Trust Governor)