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After School Clubs

After School Clubs!


At Burradon Community Primary we pride ourselves on offering our pupils a fantastic range of clubs across the year.  All staff run at least 1 club a year which runs for a half term and we also employ other agencies when there is a club the pupils have asked for that our staff may not have the skills to offer.  


Watch this space for photos and information linked to clubs every half term.  We listen to the children and put on clubs that they ask for which are either free or at a low rate of £1.50 per week!! 



fit Club

Boys adventure club

Reading Club 2019

Reading Club 2019 1
Reading Club 2019 2
Reading Club 2019 3
Reading Club 2019 4

Dance Club Spring 2019

Dance Club Spring 2019 1
Dance Club Spring 2019 2
Dance Club Spring 2019 3

Games Club 2019

Games Club 2019 1
Games Club 2019 2
Games Club 2019 3

Christian Club

Christian Club  1
Christian Club  2
Christian Club  3
Christian Club  4

Drama club

Drama club 1

Girls adventurers 14.5.18

Girls adventurers 14.5.18 1

Girls Active Adventurers

Girls Active Adventurers  1

Girls Active Adventure Club

Girls Active Adventure Club 1

Boys Football Club

Boys Football Club 1