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"Pupils are emphatic in their belief that bullying is not a problem in their school. They ‘show racism the red card’ and know that any ‘little hiccups’ are managed in a firm, consistent and fair manner by all adults in school. Teachers were described by pupils as ‘absolutely lovely’ and ‘very good at resolving the occasional rare dispute’. Pupils are confident that their concerns will be listened to, while ‘worry boxes’ and ‘suggestion boxes’ help to ensure that their voices are heard. Behaviour is managed by you and your staff in a positive and empowering manner, hence the school’s positive ethos."



Bullying is repeated behaviour that is intended to hurt someone physically or emotionally. Bullying can be face to face or online. We ensure that we explore and teach our children the importance of kindness and respect. Bullying can take place online or in peson.


Through our Child Friendly Anti-Bullying policy and charter we ensure children are aware of what bullying is and how to get help.


Healthy relationships are explored through our RSE and PSHCE curriculum every term. We celebrate Anti- Bullying Week each year and hold an assembly for parents which is always well attended. Our SEAL topic Getting on and Falling Out is covered during Autumn Term 2 each year. This focuses on empathy, managing feelings and social skills.


Mrs Liddle is responsible for Anti- Bullying in school. Mrs Fiona Graham- Landells is the Governor responsible for Anti-Bullying.

We hold the North Tyneside Anti- Bullying Award. This recognises all the work we do around bullying. (see anti bullying page for more information)

Monday 15th - Friday 19th Anti Bullying Week

Work in each class that will be shared with parents on seesaw. The focus is one kind word.



Year 1 produced posters to highlight the dangers of bullying

Year 2 focused on kindness and made a kindness tree!

Year 3 have discussed scenarios linked to different types of bullying including online bullying.

Year 5 Anti-bullying

Year 6 watched an anti bullying video and discussed the scenarios as a group. Afterwards we completed a Wheel of Kindness.