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Drug Education

Aims and objectives

At Burradon Community Primary we aim to provide a consistent and holistic programme of drug, alcohol and tobacco education, collaboratively supported through partnership working.


The objectives of our DAT Education programme are:

  • to educate children and young people in the knowledge that all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines;
  • for children and young people to know that all substances, including medicines, can be harmful if not used properly;
  • for children and young people to understand the physical, psychological, social and legal implications of drug misuse;
  • to provide children and young people with the opportunity to develop the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle;
  • to provide children and young people with accurate and appropriate information about the harmful effects of socially acceptable drugs such as alcohol and tobacco;
  • to help children and young people become more self-confident and to value themselves and their bodies;
  • to provide a safe environment for children and young people to share their thoughts and ideas;
  • to enable children and young people to explore their attitudes in a safe environment and to discuss their values in the context of the society in which they live.



Year 1 No Smoking Posters

Year 2 Drug Education 2021

Year 3 - No Smoking Day 2021

Year 4 - Drug Education 2021

Year 5 Drugs Education 2021

Year 6 Drug Education