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Greggs Funded Breakfast Club

Burradon Early Bird Breakfast Club



Our Early Birds Breakfast Club is where all the children can enjoy their breakfast together and join in a range of fun activities. We go outside and play games, we have fun active games indoors also. There are drawing and craft activities, board games, games tables, table tennis, puppet theatre , role play and relaxation. There are plenty of options for the children to enjoy doing with their friends/ making new friends or just relaxing before the school day.

Our start times are

  • 7.30 am £1.25
  • 8.00 am Free


We offer a range of healthy food options such as 

  • A selection of cereals
  • Toast
  • A selection of fruits
  • Fruit Juices/ water /milk
  • Fromage Frais


We are funded by Greggs and the food is supplied weekly by Michael from Morrisons.

Thank you for your amazing support Greggs and Morrisons.