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Keeping our Mind Healthy

Our PSHCE and PE curriculum link. We hold great importance of the fitness of our children through extra activities such as fitness challenges and the Daily Mile. We hold the the platinum PE Award which we are very proud of. We hold a Health and Fitness House Team Day each year in June. 


We also believe that good mental and emotional health is essential. Each class has a check in boars which children can access during the day. Each classroom has the school visions and values displayed and a class charter based on these visions and values. 


 We have adopted the Thrive Behaviour approach which supports children with their emotional and social development. All staff have been Thrive trained and we embrace the importance of discussing our Mental health.We have check in boards and worry boxes and children are encouraged to discuss their feelings. Our weekly PSHCE lessons and circle time sessions also give children the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. 

Check out our new relaxation areas!

Mental Health Week 7th Feb 2022

The focus for this week is Growing Together.

Year 1 Hot air balloons - Our Support Network

Year 2

Year 3

Year 3 talked about compliments and all the good things about themselves. 

Year 3

Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed writing an acrostic poem based on our mental health week theme ‘Growing Together’.They also completed a wordsearch.

What do you need to grow your brain?

Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed talking about how they grow emotionally.They came up with lots of ideas which they wrote on paper pebbles and will be displayed in the classroom. 

Mental Health Day - Wednesday 5th January 2022

We enjoyed focusing on our mental health on our first day back at school after the Christmas break. 

Mental Health Day 10th October 2021

This years focus is mental health is an unequal world. Each class discussed mental health and completed activities to support mental health and wellbeing.


In EYFS the children thoroughly enjoyed being mindful through a relaxation activity

Year 1 Mental Health Day 2021

We discussed different ways of dealing with 'big' emotions or feelings. This is our class breathing whilst tracing our palm. This helps our brain have time to think about how to react to a situation rather than having an angry or cross response.

We all practised listening to our friends discussed ways in which we can help our friends if they were feeling overwhelmed by big feelings.

Year 2 Mental Health Work

Year 3 Mental Health

Year 4 Mental Health role playing emotions.

Year 5 Mental Health Day

As part of mental health awareness day, year 5 had an afternoon of playground games where we focused on working together as a team. We then looked at the different emotions we can feel. We played a game where we landed on different emotions and had to either act that emotion out, draw an emoji or share a time where we felt like this (if we were comfortable).

Daily check in boards in each class

Years 1 - 6 have all had yoga sessions