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Keeping Safe

Keeping safe is weaved through our entire PSHCE curriculum and is at the heart of what we do in Burradon. If children are not or do not feel safe then they will not learn to the best of their ability. Daily check in and wellbeing sessions allow chidren to share any concerns.Weekly PSHE lessons are carried out in their classroom environment with ground rules to ensure children can be kept safe. These are supplemented by assemblies, health promotion weeks and visitors to school.


A comprehensive RSE and Health Education ensures that safety is a high priority though structure lessons on topics such as body parts that are private, what makes a good friend and a respectful relationship, challenging stereotypes,  boundaries and privacy, giving and not giving consent or permission are central to curriculum. Resources such as Operation Encompass lessons, Expect Respet, NSPCC assemblies give children age appropriate information that revisits and builds upon previous learning.  Specific  lessons on water, sun and road safety give children a solid grounding in keeping safe. 


Children also need to know how to stay safe online and this is an area of focus this academic year.


Clever Never Goes is a resource we have introduced this year to update the Stranger Danger Message during our House Team event and this has also been shared with parents. This ensures children should never go with anyone even someone they know if it hasn't been arranged.