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19.5.2020 Today's task is to listen to the Minibeasts song from singup (video posted on seesaw).  You can sing it, dance to it or put minibeast actions to each line if you want!  Can you get your instruments out at home or even some spoons or pans and create a piece of music that sounds like a minibeast of your choice? Or you could do a drawing of your favourite minibeast and write some words to describe it.  Enjoy!
13.5.2020 Today's task is to listen to the Rockpool Rock song on the video posted on seesaw.  Can you sing along using the lyrics to help? You could make a dance to go with it or use some musical instruments to add to it? If you don't have instruments, anything that makes a nose works! Teaspoons, pans, toys...whatever works! Would love to see your singing, dancing or music compositions on seesaw or facebook!

RockPool Rock lyrics