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 More information on the Sports Premium, swimming and sport can be found in the 'Key Information' section. 



PE and Sport 2021-2022


Our children have missed out over the last two years in their swimming lessons due to pool closures so we have made swimming the priority this year. Our current Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are all attending weekly swimming lessons and gaining more water confidence and making loads of progress! We are very impressed! 


Yoga and Mindfulness in PE:

We feel it is really important for the children to experience yoga in their PE lessons this term. Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health of school age children.  Research has shown yoga improves focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, behaviour and reduces stress and anxiety.  Our wonderful yoga coach is providing CPD opportunities with many staff in school and the children and staff are responding very well to them!


"It's great. The kids are loving it. The struggled at first, especially with the meditation at the end, but after just a few weeks, you can really see the difference.  They stay quiet and still for longer, they are becoming confident with poses and look forward to the lessons!" Year 2 Teaching Assistant.


Sports Crew 2021-2022

Meet our Sports Crew for this academic year! We couldn't get together for a group photo this year, so here they are in action instead!

Physical Activity: 30 minutes a day! 

We have been very fortunate to work on such a pro-active and positive team who have put physical activity and sport at the forefront of education in our school.  Each class competes in a GoNoodle activity challenge weekly as well as using other websites and strategies for regular brain breaks such as BBC Supermovers, Jumpstart Jonny, Joe Wicks and class personal best challenges. We all get involved in Mile a day, even in this bad weather, children have been skipping, running, walking the mile as often as they can!   On top of this, we have all been involved in an outdoor project in our Woodland area, which is ongoing.  Every class have a timetabled slot to work out in our woodland area.  Children have been involved in improving the area by creating music stations, wind chimes, bird feeders, bug homes and hotels as well as tyre painting projects. 

We have worked really hard over the last five years to utilise the PE and Sport Premium we feel so fortunate to have received.  The profile of PE and Sport has been raised at our school and the staff and children all have a positive attitude towards being active and healthy in their lives! The premium has supported us in our development as a school and we are very proud to say we have a School Games Platinum Award!


We have been privileged to work with some fantastic coaches over the last five years across a range of sports including rugby, dance, gymnastics, football, multi-skills and athletics!  The children across the all year groups have gained confidence, leadership skills, a deeper knowledge and understanding of health and fitness and the effects of exercise on their bodies.  Both staff and children take part in daily physical activity to keep our bodies, minds and hearts healthy!


"Kidz bop is my favourite because its fun!  I like my racing heart because you learn about the heart as well as keeping fit.  GoNoodle keeps us fit and healthy." Year 1 pupil.


"Dance has been amazing! The festival was really good!  I loved performing on stage and seeing everyone clapping along." Year 3 pupil.


"The team games have helped our class work well together." Year 6 pupil.


I now feel more confident about using the large apparatus and organising the class. Also how to develop the children who are more able.”  KS2 Teacher


Brooke's (Dance teacher) sessions have shown me how to teach dance progressively but also how to incorporate the children's ideas into a structured dance routine.”  KS2 Teacher