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Physical Education

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The aims and objectives of physical education at Burradon Community Primary School are:


  • To deliver an entitlement to all pupils through a planned and progressive curriculum for PE.
  • Provide opportunities for all pupils to take part in a range of competitive, creative and challenge type activities.
  • To develop pupils’ self confidence, care and respect in a range of physical environments
  • To develop resilience and perseverance in sport even when it can be tough!
  • To promote positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles



At Burradon Community Primary School it is a requirement that each class takes part in physical education following the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Documentation.

Schemes of Work are provided for each unit of work and ensure that pupils have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire and develop new skills; peresevere when you find it tough
  • Select and apply appropriate skills, tactics and techniques in a range of sports activities
  • Evaluate their own and others performances in order to make improvements
  • Experience a range of roles/responsibilities
  • Make decisions and solve problems
  • Work individually, in pairs and teams and gain a mutual respect for each other 


In Foundation Stage the children’s physical development is closely monitored and assessed against the Development matters strands and Early Learning GoalsEach Foundation Stage class takes part in a PE lesson once each week and the children are submerged in opportunities to develop physically.  The Foundation Stage staff plan opportunities for children to develop their gross and fine motor skills in small group, whole class sessions and individual focussed activities.  In the Early Years, our staff endeavour to put Physical Development at the forefront of the curriculum; they plan and provide opportunities for the children to learn in an active, physical way.    


In Key Stage One the staff build on what the children have experienced in Foundation Stage and provide opportunities for them to continue to develop and focus their gross and fine motor skills.  Daily focussed physical development whole class sessions allow children to have fun, learn the importance of developing physically and become confident and competent with their fine and gross movements.  PE lessons are taught by the class teacher and are linked to the National Curriculum objectives twice weekly. Lessons are focussed on acquiring basic skills, tactics and movements then building on these and applying them to different activities and games. 


In Key Stage Two the children build on the skills learned in Key Stage 1 and apply them to playing games across the main areas of invasion games, net and wall games and striking and fielding games.  The children gain a further understanding of fair play, have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and be involved in festivals and competitions.  Key Stage 2 children have an opportunity to attend a residential which builds on the work covered in ‘Outdoor and Adventurous’ PE lessons held in school.


The children at Burradon have a strong awareness of what it means to be fit and healthy both physically and mentally.  Our children participate in many class activities and discussions as well as whole school house team days linked to healthy living, sports and exercise, and cookery and healthy eating.  National Sports Week plays an important role in raising the children’s knowledge and understanding of fitness, health and wellbeing too.




We are very proud to be a 'Platinum Award School!'

Mrs Baty has delivered some training at the 'Going the extra mile' conference November 2018 on active learning in the curriculum.

Swimming impact - please see 'School Performance Data' section.