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PSHCE Curriculum.


We use the SEAL curriculum as the basis for our PSHCE lessons and is taught discreetly each week.  This is supplemented with Health promotion weeks and work in other curriculum areas such as Science, Maths and English. We have implemented the Thrive Behaviour Approach into school and each class has an action plan specific to the emotional needs of their class. We have 2 trained Thrive Practitioners in school Mrs Liddle and Mrs Hopper.


We hold the Healthy School Award.
PSHCE provision 2019 - 2020 (SEALS scheme, drug education, health and fitness, careers, RSE,  and financial capability

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Sex and relationships education Scheme of work
We are committed to good Quality RSE (relationship and Sex Education)

Books which Challenge stereotypes

William Doll - by Charlotte Zolotow

The Worst Princess - Anna Kemp

Dogs Don't do Ballet - Anna Kemp

The Sissy Duckling - Harvey Fierstein

The Paper Bag Princess - Robert Munsch

The boy with pink hair - Perez Hilton

Princess Pigsty - Babette Cole

Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly - Sue Heap/ Nick Sharrat


These books are some of the books we will share with children.  Many children do not conform with the traditional boy or girls stereotypes we sometimes, as a society, label children with. These stories help children to understand that is fine to be different and unique and boys and girls can do whatever they would like to do and what makes them happy!


Books with introduce different types of families. 

And Tango makes three- Justin Richards and Peter Parnell

Big Book of families - Mary Hoffman

The family Book - Todd Parr

Leo's Story CBBC - transgender child talking about his experience


Food policy
No smoking

We sponsor a little girl in Bethlehem named Noor. 


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