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School Council 2019- 2020
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North Tyneside School Council Representative from Burradon

North Tyneside School Council Representative from Burradon 1

We are very proud that one of our pupils is part of the North Tyneside Children’s Council and ran the School Council Event today. 


November 2019

The School Council looking at the child friendly Anti - bullying award and Charter. This will be shared with children next week during Anti - bullying week.

October 2019

We had lots of fun at the School Council Event at the Quadrant. We talked about our campaign which is improving the Woodland Area.

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A fantastic first meeting today! Lots of good ideas to be getting on with!
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Date of next meeting: 10th December 2019
Class Council Meetings 2019 - 2020

Meet our School Council for 2018- 2019


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October 2018. 

Enjoying out time at the Quadrant exploring democracy.

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Our first meeting looking at suggestions from the School Council Suggestion Box, talking about our trip to the Quadrant and looking at our words for the sharing assembly.
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October 2017

Our wonderful School Council at the Local Democracy Event meeting lots of other School Council children.

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Look at all the things we have achieved this year!

Class Council Meeting


Today the School Council looked at the Sex and Relationship Policy for their year group.  They were impressed by the activities and could talk about their importance.  We particularly focused on families, stereotypes and people we can trust. 



Read all about the great achievements of our School Council and find out about what other School Councils do. 

School Council Meeting Agendas

Junior Civic Award!

Meet our School Council.  We have representatives from Year 2 to 6. They meet at least monthly and follow an agenda (see below).  Year 1 and Foundation Stage have regular visits by the School Council to keep them up to date and take ideas!


We are lucky to have one of our school Council members from Year 2 who is also part of the North Tyneside School Council.  Any child who is interested in becoming part of North Tyneside School Council, speak to Mrs Liddle or see the information below.

Meeting 8 20th May.

Today we had a meeting Elaine Robson from the local authority as part of the Healthy School Check.  She spoke to us to find out about how our school stays healthy. 

Class Council Meetings


School Council Suggestions 

We have a suggestion box in school where children can write their suggestions for how to improve our school!