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School Uniform

Burradon Community Primary

Our agreed school uniform


School Uniform


  • White or yellow polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt
  • Grey or black trousers
  • Grey or black skirt
  • Blue or yellow checked dress (in summer)
  • Grey or black shorts (in summer)
  • Black shoes



Children will continue to come into school on their PE days in their correct PE kit.  This will be reviewed during the spring term at the end of March 2022. 



To help recover the swimming curriculum, we continue to have 3 classes going swimming across the spring term with letters being sent out before the holidays.  Class PE days will be confirmed by the teachers on their class spring term newsletter.


Our agreed PE uniform


PE uniform


  • White t-shirt
  • Dark shorts (navy blue or black)
  • Dark tracksuit bottoms (navy blue or black for the colder weather)
  • Suitable footwear, e.g sandshoes



No Jewellery is to be worn to school.

Jewellery can be a serious risk to the children’s safety during P.E sessions, playtimes, lunchtime sport activities and after school activities.  There are lots of opportunities for children to get jewellery caught which can cause nasty injuries.  The only exception to our no jewellery policy is a watch which needs to be removed for PE and Sport sessions