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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

2021 - 2022


Welcome to Year 3, where during Summer 1 we will be exploring The Romans! We are very excited about our new topic and cannot wait to learn more about this interesting historical era! 


Below you will find our class newsletter and matrix sharing what we will be learning during each half term! In our newsletter, it shares important notices such as our PE days, swimming day and homework days. 


Each half term we will have new and reviewed targets sent out via SeeSaw. On SeeSaw, you will find photos and videos of our learning which we hope you will enjoy! If you don't have access to SeeSaw, don't worry please see Mrs Kane. 



In Geography, when learning about settlements we created 3D settlement diagram to explore and explain the different types. How good do they look!

We have worked as a team to keep our school tidy!

In computing, we have been learning how to edit photos and create short videos including music!

We visited St Mary's Cathedral to support our learning about Easter. We had a lovely tour of the cathedral and learnt lots about the features inside!

We have been learning about remainders practically! We have tried really hard to use the correct vocabulary!

Tasting our dish in Design Technology, which was Bubble and Squeak! Lots of thumbs up for this dish!

When you can't get enough of reading! Year 3 really enjoy the school library bus visits!

As part of our mental health wellbeing, we shared lovely compliments about ourselves!

We enjoyed a visit from Steve, a fireman who came to talk about his career!

We LOVED creating our persuasive leaflets for our very own Stone Age Theme Parks!

In Science we have been learning about animals including humans! We created a new class member exploring bones, their importance and also learnt about how muscles work!

We have been learning about shell structures! We have followed a design specification to create these unique designs!

What an amazing day with Heather and Kevin for our outdoor and adventurous day! Despite the chilly weather, everyone was in good spirits and showed fantastic teamwork!

Year 3 really enjoyed their visit to the Hindu Temple!

Our message from Clever Never Goes!

Still image for this video

As part of our Vision and Values House afternoon, we learnt about the message 'Clever Never Goes'! We really enjoyed learning about the importance of this message!

Our Anti-Bullying week has started off with freeze frame scenarios! We have picked out the type of bullying, discussed ways to resolve it and the importance of telling!

We really enjoyed our visit to Woodhorn Museum to learn more about pits in the local area and the life people had when working down a pit!

We explored rocks and grouped them based on different properties!

We showed excellent teamwork and listening skills when describing cities!

Enjoying a cosy read in our reading area!

We designed our own pants after recapping the PANTS rule and we enjoyed the song!

Welcome to Year 3

Mrs Kane's Class

2020 - 2021

Summer 2


Welcome back to your final adventure in Year 3! I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather we had! 


This term our topic is To Italy or not to Italy? We will be travelling to Italy to explore and learn about this amazing country! I know already the children are keen to find out more about the country, its weather, food and environment! To find out more about what Year 3 will be enjoying during our final half term, please take a look at our class matrix below. 


Our weekly homework and spellings continue to be shared on SeeSaw which are to be completed each week. 


Our PE day remains a Friday and we have another PE day which is a Monday! Please come to school in your PE kit on both days, Monday and Friday. 


With the warmer weather, please ensure your child has their water bottle, a hat and if possible, arrive to school with sun cream on. 


Please find further key information on our class newsletter and more about our class learning below!



Creating fractions using natural items!

Working hard outside using sweets to understand tenths as a fraction!

We learnt about young carers and how they might help family members.

Summer 1

Welcome back after our Easter break. I hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable time with your families. 


This term our topic is The Romans! I am looking forward to this wonderful and interesting topic with Year 3! I am sure the children will enjoy this and learn lots! To find out more about what Year 3 will be enjoying this half term, please take a look at our class matrix below. 


Our weekly homework and spellings continue to be shared on SeeSaw which are to be completed each week. 


Our PE day remains a Friday. Please come to school in your PE kit. 


Please find further key information on our class newsletter and more about our class learning below!

We were keen to check on our tadpoles and newts. We enjoyed spending time outdoors!

Amazing confidence and eagerness in our speaking and listening where we played the characters from 'Escape from Pompeii'.

We always enjoy being outside and active for our spelling learning!

Part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we spent our mindful time outdoors with nature! Here we found shapes in the clouds, some were very funny!

We were very excited to speak to Adam Shore, an astronomer from Kielder Observatory, who spoke to us all about space!

Spring 2

Welcome back after half term! I hope you were able to enjoy some time outdoors and you were able to spot some early signs of spring!


This half term leads us to Easter, which isn't that long away! We have lots of learning to enjoy including our topic, which is Where on Earth are we? This topic focuses on our geography, where we will explore the time zones, the importance of the several lines running around and across the world as well as, locating countries and continents using our prior learning. 


We continue our remote learning using SeeSaw, where we deliver daily learning. Also, we continue to share our weekly homework and spellings on SeeSaw to be completed each week. 


Our PE day remains a Friday.


Please find further key information on our class newsletter and more about our class learning below!

We love exploring the woodland area! We are always excited to see our friends in the pond, build dens and create music!

As part of Red Nose Day 2021, Year 3 designed their own nose! Lots of fun, unique and imaginative ideas!

Sports Crew were amazing at leading our warm up! They shared lots of encouragement, positive comments and explained the importance of warming up our bodies!

Lots of smiles during our spelling hunt!

Spring 1 2021


I hope you had a lovely Christmas! This half term we will be learning about The Stone Age, which is very exciting! We will be exploring how people during this historical time lived including their homes, diet and weapons. Throughout our learning we will be making comparisons to later life and our own lives using our previously learnt historical knowledge as well as our own experiences. 


Our remote learning is delivered daily on our class SeeSaw. On your child's SeeSaw account, you will find their weekly spellings and homework to be completed each week.


Our PE day remains a Friday.


Please find key information and notices on our class newsletter and curriculum matrix, which you will find below!

Some examples of the descriptive writing from children in school and those working at home. Well done!

It was interesting to find our what we knew about the Prehistoric era prior to our learning! Lots of questions to answer!

Learning of arrays practically! Great work from all!

Autumn 2020


Welcome back to school! I am excited to share all the fun and interesting things we will be doing this autumn term! Our topic will be very local! It is called 'Doon the Pit' and we will be investigating the impact our Burradon Colliery on our village! 


On our class SeeSaw, you will find more of your child's learning as well as this, you will find their weekly spellings and homework. 



Please find key information and notices on our class newsletter, which you will find below!

Learning about homophones! We enjoyed creating pictures to help learn the different meanings.

Amazing creatures created by Year 3! We can't wait to use them in our writing!

We were amazing at yoga during our well being afternoon!

We were excited to join Joe Wicks on his exercise challenge for Children in Need!

Still image for this video

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, Year 3 worked together to talk about the importance of being proud of who they are and why being different is important! We designed our own individual sock to show that differences can come together to make a great pair!

Year 3 love being active! Here we are learning about prefixes, suffixes and practising syllables!

We learnt about Remembrance Day and asked lots of questions! Our hand drawn poppies look amazing!

Creating actions for our myth to help us recall it!

Still image for this video

Active Halloween scavenger hunt!

We enjoyed decorating our own Halloween crafts!

Our amazing homework projects about Burradon Pit!

We have loved our play times! Lots of fun and smiles!

In maths, we enjoyed creating numbers up to 1000 using dienes and place value counters!

During our reading of the book 'Here We Are', we created poems all about our happy places! We had happy places everywhere!

As a whole school we have been reading the amazing illustrated book 'Here We Are'. There has been lots of discussions about ourselves and the world we live in! We wanted to spread awareness of ways we can help our world. Look at some of our posters!

Our wonderful and creative mindfulness hands. We discussed how our feelings can go up and down throughout a day and how there are many emotions we may feel.

An outdoor and active hunt, where the children searched for verbs before adding the suffix -ed to change them to the past tense!

The children explored 2 and 3 digits numbers today by recording and showing them in different representations! The children used place value counters, dienes, expanded form, written form, tallies and money to name a few!

A fun wellbeing activity where the children took a line for a walk before colouring in each block whilst listening to music.