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Year 5

laugh WELCOME TO YEAR 5! laugh

Welcome to our Year 5 class page. Here is our key learning information  about our topics, class events and activities. Not to mention photos and videos to show off our learning!

Summer Term

Shakespeare Freeze Frames in English

PE - Rounders and OAA

Computing - Understanding and creating messages in Binary Code

Spring Term

Northumberland Cricket Morning

World Book Day

Kielder Observatory Workshops

Year 5 recapped last term’s learning during their visit from the team from Kielder Observatory. They looked at the distance of each planet from the sun and created egg capsules to safely transport an egg. 

Materials and their properties

Block Buster Careers

Autumn Term

Year 5 have been working so hard in their first few months of this year! Take a look at what they have been up to this term!

Year 5 have been learning about Space this half term. So far they have learnt that the Earth is roughly spherical, as well as it's place in the order of the planets. We've used a mnemonic 'My very eager mother just served us nachos'. Our most recent lesson was about day and night. Year 5 learned how the Earth not only orbits the Sun but how it also rotates on its axis. They acted this out to help visualise when certain places will be light and dark.


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Year 5 have been working hard in their weekly sessions with Charlotte. They have been learning about rhythm, pitch and body percussion!

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

World Mental Health Day

As part of mental health awareness day, year 5 had an afternoon of playground games where we focused on working together as a team. We then looked at the different emotions we can feel. We played a game where we landed on different emotions and had to either act that emotion out, draw an emoji or share a time where we felt like this (if we were comfortable).

Mountain Survival Day

Forces Investigation

Maths Games - Numbers to 100,000

Year 5 September 21 Information

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Last year's Year 5's Imaginary Continuum about if there is life out there in space! Most of the children thought that there is life out there!

Summer Term

It is Summer term in Year 5 and we have lots planned! Our topics this term are the Rainforest and Brazil and the Maya Civilisation. We will be reading ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, as well as looking at Macbeth in English. 

Outdoor Measuring


Year 5 have been refreshing their understanding of measurement length and converting between units of measurement! They explored this outside by completing their length and height hunt and writing their answers in millimetres, centimetres and metres. 

Spring Term

Welcome to Spring term in Year 5! We are certainly off to a different start this term but Year 5 continue to amaze by working so hard both in school and at home. Our topics this term are Global Trade and the Windrush. In English we will be reading and completing work around J.K Rowling’s latest book, ‘The Ickabog’. Following this, we are going to look at a semi-biographical novel  - ‘Windrush Child’ by Benjamin Zephaniah. This will cover extremely important issues around racism, prejudice and discrimination. 


Please find further key information on our class newsletter and more about our class learning below!

Cricket Morning

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a morning with coaches from the Northumberland Cricket Board. They focussed on key skills such as throwing and catching and then applied these to a game. Not only did they develop their PE skills but also their determination and resilience! 

A special visitor...

We had a special visitor in Year 5 today - an eyewitness who saw the Empire Windrush arriving in Southampton. Can you believe it?! The children came up with questions and then took it in turns to ask our eyewitness what it was like when the Empire Windrush arrived. They then wrote up their questions and answers in the form of a transcript. Year 5 were very engaged and enjoyed being in role. 

Autumn Term

Welcome to Autumn term in Year 5! We have lots of exciting learning planned this half term and I think you will enjoy seeing Year 5’s work based on our topics - The Victorians and Natural Phenomena (Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes). Our Science topic is Space and we have already had brilliant and inquisitive conversations about our solar system! 


Please find further key information on our class newsletter and more about our class learning below!

Creative Maths 

Year 5 have been working so hard recently with their maths work and have been developing their knowledge of multiplication and division. They have been working on improving their accuracy of varied fluency activities, as well as their resilience towards tackling reasoning and problem solving questions. Rather than complete their maths learning in their books, today they used flip chart paper and coloured pens/ highlighters. Year 5 were encouraged to use diagrams and pictures to help solve calculations and to use different colours to pick apart problems. I think it is safe to say, they enjoyed this type of maths learning! 

                                      World Mental Health Day

#worldmentalhealthday was Saturday 10th October. Last week Year 5 looked at ‘diversity’ and what it means. We then took a closer look at what makes makes us different from others, based on our families, interests and what makes us special. We created reverse silhouettes and filled them with all of the things that make us, us!