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Home Learning

Here are some ideas for your home learning. Remember to check Seesaw, which I will be updating regularly with lots of different, fun ideas.



Daily maths lessons, with online teaching:





Free audio books:





DIY experiments:




P.E. with The Body Coach





Mental Wellbeing

Watch this clip: how to boss looking after yourself while you're at home



1. Go for a mindful walk. Have a stroll around your neighbourhood, the local park or the woods, making an effort to spot things you haven’t noticed before. During the walk, concentrate only on the things you can hear: an easy exercise in mindfulness.

2. Make a mindfulness jar. Fill a jar almost to the brim with water, tip in some glitter, and fasten the lid firmly. Your child can then shake the jar and focus on what happens as the glitter swirls and then settles.

3. Blow bubbles. This is a great way to focus on breathing: a key part of mindfulness practice. Encourage your child to make the biggest bubble they can, and notice how they have to blow slowly and steadily to make it happen.

4. Use a mindfulness app. There are lots of good apps that help children master mindfulness, including Headspace for Kids, Smiling Mind and Sleep Meditations for Kids.



There are lots of great resources, covering a range of subjects, on Twinkl. They have activities linked to science, history, geography, languages and lots more!


What a brilliant first term we have had back at school! We have a very exciting second half of autumn term coming up, with lots of fascinating things to learn! A few highlights will include finding out all about earthquakes and volcanoes in geography; learning all about space in science, including a visit from Durham University who are bringing a planetarium into school; using technology to explore space in computing and creating a soundtrack to accompany the moon landing in Garage Band; and many other interesting lessons.


Find out more about what we will be learning this half term by having a look at our Class Matrix below. Our Class Newsletter is also there, in case you would like to remind yourself of any important information.

Class Matrices and Newsletters

Autumn Term
Spring Term

Year 5 Reading Challenge

Can Year 5 read the height of Mrs Bridges?

Our reading challenge is well underway! Keep an eye on the picture below to see how well the children are getting on. Can Year 5 read Mrs Bridges' height in books to win the star prize: a movie afternoon with popcorn? Get reading Year 5 - pages mean prizes!! 

We are so close to the gold prize. Lot's of reading over half term everyone!

We are so close to the gold prize. Lot's of reading over half term everyone! 1

Amazing learning so far!

In November, Durham University brought their planetarium into school for us to learn all about the planets and our galaxy. We learnt so much and are now really enjoying using the Chatterpix app to share all of our new knowledge and understanding (watch this space for the finished presentations...)
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Year 5 enjoyed the house day all about Burradon and its mining history so much that one of our children brought in his great grandad's mining lamps to show the class. What a fantastic piece of Burradon's history!
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We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Ouseburn. We spent the morning completing the Ouseburn trail as part of our historical enquiry into the life of Lizzie Dowson. We saw what was left of the leadworks where she worked, where her house used to be and even managed to find where her brother went to school (although the building isn't being used as a school any more).


In the afternoon, we explored the Victoria tunnels, learning about how they were used for mining in the Victorian era. We learnt all about Victorian money and the types of job Victorian children would have had; we even met Basil whose grandparents were real Victorians! 

We had the best time understanding how to use a programmable robot - a Sphero - to create our own robots for our Robot Wars battle. Have a look at some of our creations...
For our DT project, we took on the challenge of making toys with a CAM mechanism. We learnt about different types of CAM and how they can be used to change motion. Enjoy having a look at our finished products, and the design process.

Photos of our learning...