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Lower Key Stage 2

General Learning

General Learning Packs including maths and english - Classroom Secrets

Free Home Learning Packs - Classroom Secrets

Purple Mash

Poetry to read, discuss and interpret - Poetry by Heart

To listen and learn to recite poetry - Poetry Archive


Teach your monster to read

Nessy (phonics) - Free Trial

Read Write Inc

Letterland - recap phonics

Active Learning Primary - Phonics


Year 2 spelling words to practice

Practice the Year 3 and 4 spelling in a spooky setting!

Year 3/4 spelling words to practice

Practice spelling the Year 3/4 spellings by reading it in a sentence and learning the number of syllables!

Spelling Rule Quiz

Alien Hangman

Game for applying spelling rules from singular to plural

Make new words using prefixes and suffixes! Is is a real word?

Revision when the 'sh' sound spelt with 'ch'

Revision of 'i' sound spelt with 'y'

Revision when the 'uh' sound spelt with 'ou'

Revision of dictionary work

A fun spelling game including vowel digraphs!

Revision of thesaurus work

Place the words in alphabetical order


White Rose Maths Home Learning

Free Hamilton Trust Learning Packs


PlanBee Home Learning Maths Pack

Hit the Button

TopMarks - Maths Games

Daily 10

Oxford Owl Maths Games


Oxford Owl Reading

Play deductive reasoning game! Read the passage from the book and use the information to escape!

A great website to choose books with a different genre.

Listen to a range of stories free!

A range of fiction and non-fiction books to read.

Listen to a world of David Walliams books!

Locate the information in the text to set yourself free!

Read the instructions to find where you need to go!

Choose a title, image and text for each text type.

Edit the comic book adventure to make the story more interesting!

Free Children Stories

Choose a story, listen to it and then create questions to ask a family member!

Proof read the story and make any edits!


What are nouns?

Identify nouns and feed the fish!

What type of word? Game

Learn all about adjectives!

Be an adjective detective!

Free the nouns and adjectives!

Spot the verbs!

Identify verbs and nouns in sentences.

Linking verbs to their synonym activity

Revision of verbs, pronouns, adverbs, preposition,expanded noun phrases, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Revision clips with activities for contractions, possessive apostrophes, commas in a sentence, bullet points and inverted commas.

Speech activity including nouns, adjectives and verbs!

Revision of fronted adverbials

Be an editor! Improve your choice of nouns and adjectives in a story before it is published!

Activity matching words to synonyms and antonyms.

Lots of English activities online!

Sentence / Writing Work

Pobble365 - images for creative writing.

Improve simple sentences!

What is wrong with the sentence?

Revision of 'What are paragraphs?'

Building paragraphs activities


Punctuate the sentences! Challenge: Write your own sentences!

Three punctuation games. Identify the missing punctuation and set them free!

Choose from different text types and punctuate them!

Financial Questionnaire - only complete at school with your teacher


BBC Bitesize Science Primary

STEM - Primary Science

Science Museum Group Home Learning Activities

Science Home Investigations

WOW Science - Science topics and STEM investigations


BBC History Primary Clips

BBC History KS2 Information Clips

Romans Information

Horrible History CBBC

Roman Baths Tour

Roman Facts from Mr Donn

Horrible History - Rotten Roman YouTube Clips

Rotten Romans - Horrible History Clip

Introduction to Romans - Horrible History

Horrible History - Foods

Horrible History - Gods

Horrible History - Toilets

Horrible History - Romans Hospitals

Horrible History - Tiberius fears assassian

Horrible History - Julius Caesar

Horrible History - Hunchback

Horrible History - Emperor Elagabalus

Horrible History - Army