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Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The EYFS is a vital stage in a child’s education. It is a time when children develop learning attitudes, skills, social integration and personal organisation that prepare them for their future education. It is in fact, their foundation to life.

Play and practical activities are a central part of learning. Children are given opportunities for exploration, enjoyment and challenge through a range of self-initiated activities, adult led activities and structured play.

At Burradon Community Primary School, we believe it is important to provide an education within the EYFS that aims to meet the individual needs of every child. Children are made to feel safe and secure and are valued as individuals. Fostering independence and positive attitudes to learning, in order that children achieve their full potential is paramount in a fun and enjoyable environment.

The EYFS Curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning and development that must shape educational programmes. All areas of learning and development are important and interconnected. In the statutory framework, three areas are particularly important for building a foundation for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving.

These three areas are referred to as the ‘prime’ areas:

  • Communication and Language (C&L)
  • Physical Development (PD)
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

We must also support children in four ‘specific’ areas, through which the three ‘prime’ areas are strengthened and applied. The specific’ areas are:

  • Literacy (L)
  • Mathematics (M)
  • Understanding the World (UW)
  • Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Practitioners must also reflect on the different ways children learn. Three  characteristics of effective teaching and learning are:

  • Playing and exploring– children investigate and experience things and ‘have a go’.
  • Active learning– children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties and enjoy achievements.
  • Creating and thinking critically– children have and develop their own ideas, make links between ideas and develop strategies for doing things.

Please contact the school directly if you require more information regarding our curriculum or if you would like a paper copy of any information on this page.  

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